How To Care For An Amish Wood Table Set

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How To Care For An Amish Wood Table Set

8 June 2015
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If you're looking for a new kitchen table set, you may want to invest in solid wood Amish furniture. These tables and chairs are known for expert craftsmanship, and they last for many years if you take good care of them. Here's what you need to know about maintaining this type of wood furniture.

Dust Often

Dusting is more important than you think. Of course, it keeps your table and chairs looking good, but it also protects the finish of the furniture. Dust collects in the grooves and ridges of the chairs and table base. If it builds up, it gets difficult to remove and the abrasive nature of the dust can make the wood finish look dull.

Dust your table and chairs every few days using a slightly damp cloth. A feather duster or dry cloth will just fling the dust into the air where it will settle back on the furniture. A damp cloth traps dust. Just make sure the cloth is not so damp the furniture gets wet as you dust.

Protect The Surface

Wood can be scratched, burned, and stained. Keep this from happening by using a tablecloth, trivets, and placemats to protect the table top during meals. Wood can also be damaged by the sun. Certain types of wood fade more easily than others, but no matter what kind of wood table you buy, try to keep it out of the sun. Close your curtains during the sunniest part of the day, especially if the table is near a south-facing window. If you can't keep your table out of the sun, then be careful about keeping a centerpiece or placemats on the table all the time. That way the surface of your table fades at the same rate, and it won't be as noticeable.

Control Humidity

Humidity fluctuation is the enemy of wood furniture. If your home is climate controlled, you may not have to worry about the humidity level in your house. However, if you like to leave your windows open and your HVAC off as much as possible, be aware of the effect humidity has on your furniture. Wood swells when the humidity is high, and it shrinks when the air dries out. This movement wears out furniture over time, and it can lead to warping and cracking of your chairs and table. If your home gets dry in the winter, you may want to run a humidifier.

Also, be sure to ask the seller how to care for your Amish furniture set when you buy it. You'll want to know the type of wood that was used to build the furniture as well as the type of varnish. Ask for advice on the type of furniture wax or polish you should use, if any. An oil-based wood soap may be all you need to maintain the luster of the table set for years to come.

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