Tips For Choosing Restaurant Chairs

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Tips For Choosing Restaurant Chairs

7 December 2016
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One thing you don't want to overlook when opening a new restaurant is the furniture. Not only will this be a vital part of your décor, it is also vital for your customer's comfort. The type of chairs and furniture can also affect how long diners remain, how easy the restaurant is to clean, and how often furniture expenses affect your bottom line. The following tips can help you make the right choice.

Tip #1: Go plain if you use cloths

There's no need to invest in decorative tabletops if you use tablecloths for all meal service in the restaurant. In this case, simply go for a utilitarian surface finish that lasts well and cleans up easily. On the other hand, if you don't cover your tables, you will want to get a heat- and scratch-resistant finish that can easily wipe clean. This means wood must be covered in a thick layer of sealer, or the table top should have tile or vinyl veneer to provide it with more protection.

Tip #2: Fight the wobble

Most restaurant owners prefer pedestal tables because these provide plenty of leg room and allow you to change the chair arrangement around the tables at will. While this is true, they are also more prone to wobbling. A round pedestal bottom can help prevent this problem. Another option is to make sure the pedestal legs have easily adjustable height knobs so you can quickly level the table if it begins to wobble.

Tip #3: Match the mood

The mood of your restaurant is affected by the types of furniture you choose. For example, round tables encourage people to gather and stay awhile, perhaps well into drinks and dessert. They are also more conducive to business meetings and dinners, so opt for these if this is your clientele. Booths are favored in a lot of casual dining restaurants where you aren't rushing diners out. In fast food service, harder chairs are often preferred, since they don't encourage diners to linger past their meal.

Tip #4: Consider longevity

Finally, the longevity of the furniture needs to be considered. Skip the delicate designs and opt for the sturdier wood or metal tables and chairs that are built to last. When it comes to chairs, solid backs are preferred to spindles, especially on wood chairs where spindles can easily break. For padding, thick vinyl or an easily cleaned fabric is less likely to suffer damage compared to thinner coverings.

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