First Studio Apartment? 2 Tips For Choosing Furniture That Is Functional And Stylish

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First Studio Apartment? 2 Tips For Choosing Furniture That Is Functional And Stylish

30 January 2017
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If you are moving into a studio apartment fresh out of college or high school, after a bad break-up, or after moving to a new city where the cost of a 1 bedroom apartment is simply out of your budget, then you may feel that the task of choosing furniture that not only fits well into your small space but is also very functional and stylish a tough endeavor. However, don't worry, because there are many furniture pieces made just for small apartments and many serve two purposes while remaining stylish. Read on to learn 2 tips for choosing stylish and functional studio apartment furniture. 

1. Think Beyond the Classic Futon when Choosing Your Bed/Seating Combo

Many new studio apartment dwellers immediately purchase futons due to the belief that this is the only multipurpose piece of bed/sofa furniture that won't take up too much space. While futons are options for your living/sleeping space, there are several others.

There are many types of stylish daybeds on the market today, and after you take a look at a few, you may realize just how many more stylish seating/sleeping options you have. If you have a bad back, then a classic daybed that you can place a mattress in may be a better option, and you can change up the style of it to suit your moods simply by choosing new bedding. 

An additional trundle bed can be nestled right under your daybed to provide an easy extra sleeping space for a guest. 

Do you still like the idea of a classic futon? Don't forget to purchase a futon cover and a couple of matching throw pillows to place on it. They come in many stylish designs and, as an added bonus, protect your futon mattress from spills and stains. 

2. Eliminate Clutter by Choosing Furniture with Built-in Storage Space

Even if you don't feel like you need a ton of extra storage space now, remember how quickly "stuff" can accumulate in a living space after you move in. It is sad when you decorate your apartment perfectly to suit your tastes, and then realize that apartment clutter is all you see when you walk in the front door. 

There are many furniture pieces that come with built-in storage today. You can choose coffee tables with storage between the tabletop and the ground, ottomans with covers that open to reveal storage, and chairs with seats you can raise and place your "stuff" in. 

If you decide that a trundle bed is not for you, then remember to use the space under your daybed or futon wisely; purchase a few pretty baskets that match your decor to place under it, and you can then feel good about placing items under it instead of worrying that your mother or father will visit and tell you to stop shoving stuff under your bed.

If you just moved into a studio apartment for the first time or are planning to rent one, then keep these two tips in mind when choosing your furniture. There are many furniture items designed just for small spaces, so you may have many more furniture options than you ever imagined. 

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