Caring For Your Solid Wood Furniture

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Caring For Your Solid Wood Furniture

26 August 2018
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Solid wood furniture isn't as common these days as cheap disposable furniture made from plastic particleboard, and medium density fiberboard is the norm. Quality solid wood furniture can last a lifetime or more, especially when it is properly cared for. Here is a look at how to protect your wood furniture and keep it in future heirloom-shape.

Keep Chemicals To A Minimum

If your fine wood furniture manufacturer has a recommended wood cleaner, follow their instructions. Otherwise, use a microfiber cloth to dust the furniture piece. Don't use any commercial furniture polish. It isn't necessary and eventually causes a sticky buildup. If the piece has dirty or sticky areas, such as you might find on a solid wood dining room table, get a rag wet and wring out as much water as possible, so it is just slightly damp. Go over the table and any spots. Then use the microfiber cloth again to make sure the table is completely dry. You don't want to leave any moisture behind.

Most modern wood furniture is finished with protective coatings that last a long time. Over the years, however, it may start to look dull and dry. When this happens, you can use food-grade mineral oil to revive the shine and provide some moisture. Dust with the microfiber cloth, and then use a clean, soft rag to apply the mineral oil. Rub it in thoroughly, and then allow the furniture piece to cure for 24 hours before using.

Protect Your Furniture

Some pieces of wooden furniture, like a bookshelf, don't get enough use to worry much about wear and tear. Other pieces, like tables, are used regularly and can become scratched or damaged.

Some people prefer to keep a tablecloth on their solid wood dining room table, but others don't want to cover up the beauty of the wood. If you opt to not use a tablecloth, be sure to use placemats and coasters to protect the finish from water rings and the heat of hot plates and mugs. Use a runner in the center of the table for protection from your serving dishes. Hall tables in a foyer can also be draped with a runner to prevent scratches from your keys or phone. Coffee tables and end tables should have coasters handy.

Be sure to keep your wood furniture out of direct sunlight, which can cause irregular fading to the finish, and don't place wood furniture near a heat source, such as the fireplace. This can dry the wood out and cause it to crack and the joints to loosen. For more information, check out a website like

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